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Full-Service Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Division

We understand that a clean working environment reduces stress and increases worker productivity. We update our cleaning technology regularly. As we move forward, our managers keep in mind indoor air quality and environmentally preferable procedures. Our vacuuming equipment is fitted with HEPA (high efficiency particle air) compliant filters and our floor machines have dust-collecting capabilities.

We study new products daily because new information helps us make better decisions about the products we use. In general, we have moved away from petroleum-based cleaning solutions to more environmentally friendly products. Our cleaning supplies and equipment are occupational safety and health administration (OSHA)-compliant.

Our ability to understand our customer's issues and our ability to provide an effective and economical solution are two of Dependable & Affordable Cleaning, Inc. strengths. We understand the urgencies of your environment. For example in a restaurant, adherence to sanitation and fire safety standards is imperative to operate a safe and successful business. We have the appropriate equipment and the skilled personnel to keep you in compliance with the law and operating in a safe working environment.