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Our Clients

Corporate America

Image, Function and Efficiency define Corporate America. Our management training at Coca~ Cola prepared us to understand and meet the demands of large organizations. We know how to service the chain of command and the facility. The management at Dependable & Affordable Cleaning, Inc. and its Commercial Cleaning Experience make it a good partner to work with. We operate on time and with precision and accuracy.


Customer Satisfaction and Image are what make a Retail Business Successful. Dependable & Affordable Cleaning, Inc. values brand investment as it does its marketplace reputation. Retailers know when they entrust their facility to Dependable & Affordable Cleaning, Inc. it will be maintained in like new condition.

Food Service, Restaurants, and Fast Food Chains

Only the highest standards of cleanliness, sanitation, fire safety, and image are acceptable to food service companies. Dependable & Affordable Cleaning, Inc. understands the difference between cleaning and clean. We uphold the highest hygiene standards, making your inspections seamless.


Dust, unmanaged trash receptacles, collections of raw material remnants, missing light bulbs, icy sidewalks, unclean surfaces individually are enough to make the difference between a first quality product and a second.

Unsafe working conditions and improperly cleaned work areas lead to substandard production. Dependable & Affordable Cleaning, Inc. understands the value of sequencing and the necessity of workplace preparation. Your facility will be ready for your workers to build things at the start of business next day.

Real Estate Industry

Building contractors and property managers succeed by delivering total customer satisfaction. Tenants remain tenants when a building's services work and the premises are clean.

Small Business Owners

Small business owners are successful because they value rapport, communications and giving just a little more. Dependable & Affordable Cleaning, Inc. values its owner – client management style. We are available. We deliver. We know who you are and we are dedicated to your satisfaction. We are here for you.

Healthcare, Medical Offices, and Assisted Living Centers

Cleanliness, safety and image are a priority. We train our cleaning associates for the task. We prepare them to clean safely and thoroughly.

Educational Facilities

It is not easy to maintain well-used facilities. Heavy traffic and abuse are best managed with Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Programs. We keep an eye on safety hazards and proactive maintenance issues.